7: Historical, Flavorful Meats like our Ancestors Enjoyed-Jeff Duba


Show Host: C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl

Guest: Jeff Duba – Duba and Company

Duba SteaksTravel back in time to enjoy healthier more flavorful meets. Now you maybe aware there is a movement to enjoy heirloom vegetables and fruits. Well, now the time has come to make a similar discovery with heritage meats. And joining me to lead this discussion is Jeff Duba purveyor of fine heritage meats and owner of Duba & Company. Visit HeritageBreeds.org

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More about Jeff Duba

Having grown up in a restaurant family, Jeff left a career in teaching to launch Duba & Company whose mission is to convey the mystique and ethos of heritage meats. It does this via its online storefront (www.dubaandcompany.com) through which heritage meats are shipped to the home consumer. The company also works to source restaurants, retail stores, and institutions with these rare meats. Native of Grand Rapids, MI, Jeff is married with children. He enjoys the outdoors, good food, good drink, and good people.