6: Felting with Navajo Churro Sheep Wool – Minna White


Show Host: C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl

Guest: Minna White – Luna Dura

Breed Conservation Status: Navajo Churro Sheep – Threatened – fewer than 1,000 registered in the US and less than 5,000 globally.

Welcome farmer, artist, crafter, and felter Minna White. Not only does she owns a farm that raises Navajo Churro sheep, she is the artist behind LanaDura.com. An amazing business that sells felted and hand-crafted items from the sheep’s wool.

Lana Dura’s felted bags began as a idea-speck in the hearts of two shepherds who raised Navajo-Churro sheep for more than fifty years combined. Their goal is to give sheep a job and allow them to live long, productive lives contributing to the sustainability and durability of their farm. The sheep are paid to produce a product annually by contributing their wool fiber.

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