19: Sustainable Poultry Farming with Agnew Hopkins


Show Host: C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl

Guest: Agnew Hopkins, Timberock Heritage Poultry Farm


Agnew Hopkins and his 3 siblings are the 6th generation to live and work on the Hopkins Farm. The farm was established in 1834 and thrives today as a horticultural jewel and conservation farm for domestic and wild animals alike. After working for more than 30 years within the hospitality industry, Agnew decided to return to the farm and create a thriving sustainable poultry operation that worked to conserve diminishing populations of heritage poultry.

His father taught him as a child growing up on a large agricultural farm, the value of managing the wildlife that share the same space. His father was a wildlife commissioner for DNR in the state of SC, so Agnew learned many times that we have an obligation to the next-generation to help preserve the native animals that also called the farm home.

Betty the Turkey

Betty the Turkey

Agnew believes it is this sense of responsibility that he learned at an early age, that drives him to help conserve heritage poultry. TIMBEROCK Heritage Poultry Farm was established several years ago. With Agnew’s culinary background, he has been able to work with many local chefs to include TIMBEROCK poultry on their menus. “If we don’t use heritage poultry, we will lose them forever.” That is a motto he tries to utilize when working with the poultry. He is always trying to improve the genetics of his breeding flocks with careful culling of individuals using the APA Standard of Perfection as his guide. Encouraging chefs to try his heritage poultry has helped to put the importance of breed conservation in the forefront of consumers in the upstate of SC, where Agnew lives.

“Basically, as a sixth generation family member of the farm, ‘it is my turn’ to help manage natural and domestic wildlife for the future. My legacy for the next Hopkins generations to call TIMBEROCK home, is for them to have a self sustaining genetically improved  flock of heritage Standard Bronze turkeys, New Hampshire and Delaware chickens, Saxony and Silver Appleyard heritage ducks.”



Email: hopkins.agnew@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.timberockathopkinsfarm.com