13: Clun Forest Sheep from Touchstone Farm


Show Host: C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl

Guest: Alan Zuschlag

AZ Clun Forest SheepDiscover more about the Clun Forest Sheep with Alan Zuschlag from Touchstone Farm, the nation’s first Certified Humane sheep operation. I love the quote he gave CNN during an interview, “Small farms are better for the consumers, better for the animals, better for everyone.”Today we are going to learn more about the Clun Forest Sheep Alan raises.


Alan Zuschlag owns and operates Touchstone Farm in Rappahannock County, Virginia, where he raises purebred Clun Forest sheep.   Touchstone Farm lamb is direct marketed to customers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and fleeces and yarn are available nation-wide.   Touchstone Farm is the first sheep farm in the country to be “certified humane” by Humane Farm Animal Care.  When not farming, Alan, a former World Bank consultant on rural development, is active in local conservation efforts and helping like-minded individuals find nearby farms of their own.


Website: www.touchstonefarm.org